Why Am I Running?

A Note From Don

When people ask me why I'm running, I tell them that there is nothing more important than our students' education. They are at the heart of why I'm seeking a position on the Board of Trustees. 


I want to support our students and do whatever I can to make sure every child in Amarillo has the opportunity to get a first-class education and can become successful members of our community. Our investment in the education of our young people is the most important investment we make. 


I am also running for our teachers and administrators. We must work to retain and attract the very best and give them the tools needed to keep our students engaged in the learning process. We must show our teachers the respect they deserve, and that begins by listening to their feedback. I've watched my sister, a teacher for 32 years, pour all of her energy into her students. I understand the critical role teachers play in our educational system. They must be supported, happy, thanked, and encouraged so that they walk into their classrooms each day knowing the impact they’re making not only on our students but on our community as well. 


And finally, I'm running for you--the taxpayer. As the former FDIC Chair, I understand budgets, revenue, and expenses. I will ensure that every single tax dollar you provide the district is used to its maximum impact and that the Board of Trustees is being a good steward of those funds. 


It's all about building. Building upon the past successes of the district. Building up our teachers and students so that they can, in turn, build up our community and make it a better place for everyone. And, as I hope you can see, it all begins in the classroom. 


Thank you for reading. Please note that you’ll have the option to cast four votes and we're asking that you consider casting those four votes for me. Early voting starts on April 19. The election is on May 1.



Don Powell 

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